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ProXima 2850


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Use the ProXima 2850 for high sensitivity blotting applications (ECL/FL).
It can be used for imaging ethidium bromide stained DNA agarose gels, Coomassie stained gels, SYBR® Green stained gels, 2D SYPRO® Ruby stained gels, film archiving and petri dishes.

Available with touch screen or external PC control

  • High sensitivity luminescence optimized
  • Triple Peltier cooled/regulated CCD
  • 16 bit (65536) greyscales
  • 4.1M pixels resolution
  • High speed optics with F0.95 lens
  • Fluorescence ready
  • White light top illumination
  • True multifluorophore capabilities through the use of patented Epivex optics


bit depth: 16bit
CCD cooling: yes
Exposure time: 0.001s - 2.5hr
Resolution: 4.1 M pixels
Electronic contol (iris, focus, zoom): yes
Zoom: 2x
Image positioning system: no
Autofocus: no
Automatic door lock: yes
Flat fielding: yes
Image addition: yes
Software binning: yes
Hardware binning: yes