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PeqSTAR 2x cycler

Productnr.: 95-07002 or 95-08002

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95-07002 or 95-08002
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The double block PCR system works with new thermocycler technology which enables you as user to get outstanding performance.

  • Fast ramping up to 5°C/s without overshoot
  • FlexGradientTM Technology, With the temparature of the 8 rows each individual controlled, select between a perfect linear temparature gradient -ideal for PCR optimization, or independent lane control -ideal for the use of different primer pairs in the same run
  • Graphical or tabular programming
  • Up to date managment, 500.000 program memory and 4USB ports for quick and simple data transfer. Network integration for central program administration for total cycler control
  • Simple to use PC software "peqSTAR Manager"
  • High specification remote control (wireless ZigBee, e-mail alert and MP3player)
  • Emulation mode, the simplest way to tranfer data and optimise protocols from your old cycler.

  • Specifications

    Max. ramping: 5°C without overshoot
    Temperature uniformity: ± 0.1°C
    Temperature range: 4°C to 105°C (block)
    Temperature range: 70°C to 120°C (lid)
    Temperature gradient: over 8 rows 30°C