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Further Services


Plate Oligos

Isogen Life Science offers you the possibility to supply thousands of oligonucleotides in parallel, optimized for a wide range of genomic applications. We can adapt to the demands of different requirements and specifications that best suit the individual projects of our customers.


  • Available purification levels
      • Salt Free
      • PSF
      • HPLC
  • Oligo lengths: 5-120 bases
  • Modifications available
  • Quality control by
      • Trityl monitoring
      • OD measurement
      • MALDI-TOF MS
  • Delivery format: dissolved or lyophilized
  • Plate format: 96well (384well on request)

Additional services

  • Quality documentation with MALDI-TOF MS spectra for oligos 5-60 bases in length
  • Printouts of synthesis report and quality documentation are available
  • Wobbles with defined and non defined ratio
  • Wobbles with non defined ratio (two different kind of wobbles per oligo are possible)
  • Concentration adjustment and normalization service
  • Multiple aliquoting and mixing of oligos

Please inquire for synthesis scales, yields, concentrations, plate or delivery formats.


RNA Oligos

Benefit from our long term experience in DNA & RNA oligonucleotide synthesis:

  • Highest quality

The quality of each RNA oligo is ensured by Trityl monitoring, OD measurement and MALDI-TOF MS analysis.

  • High synthesis yields
    Using TBDMS chemistry highest coupling efficiency maximizes the yield of the full length product.
  • Fast delivery
    Highly automated barcode driven process ensures faster production times.

Customized RNA oligonucleotides are available as

  • Unmodified RNA
    Desalted and HPLC purified
  • Modified RNA
    Broad range of non-fluorescent and dye modifications
  • Chimeric Oligos
    Mixed DNA/RNA bases methylated or with PTO bases