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Smart Instruments / Challenging samples

How to extract high-quality DNA from challenging samples

From difficult to a piece of cake

Inhibitors are the worst enemy in an "extraction to PCR" workflow, and can greatly influence the effectiveness of your PCR. To obtain trustworthy results, an excellent DNA extraction is a key step in your workflow.

Magnetic beads technology for extraction of DNA or RNA is well-established in diagnostic laboratories, but less well-known and used in research environments. Isogen Life Science offers the Arrow isolation system, a bench-top instrument for the automated extraction of DNA or RNA from your precious and challenging samples like tissue, stool, sputum or plant material.

Our stand-alone Arrow Nucleic Acid extraction system is based on magnetic beads technology and allows medium, 12 samples per run, extraction. This chemistry does not require any organic solvents and eliminates the need for repeated centrifugation, vacuum filtration or column separation.
Combined with the pump-to-tip system and integrated UV decontamination, contamination is a worry from the past.

Different specific kits are available for your sample needs. One kit is needed for one sample, which means that you have maximum flexibility in the amount of extractions used.

Automated solutions Cells Stool Sputum Plant MMB Blood RNA DNA
Arrow DNA kit      
Stool Kit            
DNA blood kit            
Viral NA kit        
Bugs and Beads kit            
Universal kit      

Please contact us for more information and for planning a demonstration.

More information about the Arrow system

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Smart Instruments that fit perfectly in your daily workflow

Are your small laboratory instruments out-dated?

Replace your small laboratory instruments with robust and reliable Smart Instruments.
We support your workflow with smart, practical laboratory instruments for repeated and daily use.

Here you will find a special selection from our extensive Smart Instruments range.

Microcentrifuge - a quick and easy spin

The microcentrifuge is essential for every lab; ideal for quick spin downs and microfiltration. This microcentrifuge comes with two rotors to accept 0.5 ml and 1.5/2.0 ml tubes and strips. The rotors can be changed easily. This microcentrifuges starts and stops in seconds, saving you precious time.

Plate Centrifuge - 192 samples centrifuged quickly and easily.

The plate centrifuge makes a safe and quick spin down of droplets and condensation in your PCR plate. The centrifuge accepts skirted, semi skirted and non- skirted (q)PCR plates up to 25 mm high and, with the use of an adapter, strips and 48 well plates. It accommodates two plates and is less than a quarter the size of most plate centrifuges. This will save you lots of work space and money.

Vortex IR - no pressure needed to stir

The Vortex IR comes with an optional infrared motion detector which automatically starts the vibration when a tube crosses the sensor field. A range of accessories allows mixing of various tube sizes as well as skirted plates. The ergonomic design makes your everyday work easier.

Please contact us for more information and the interesting pricing.