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No compromises in HTS / NanoDrop - what else / No discount needed

No compromises in HTS

The most sensitive, most flexible, fastest HTS system on the market

Find out how your lab could benefit from the best sensitivity on the market, highest speed and unmatched flexibility - in all plate formats up to 3456-well!

  • Unmatched sensitivity and speed in Fluorescence Intensity and Fluorescence Polarization.
  • Simultaneous Dual Emission for Alpha Technology: reduce sample expenditure and cut read times in half.
  • New generation TRF laser increased precision in all plate formats.

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The new FSX plate reader was evaluated and compared to other multimode HTS readers. FSX has reduced luminescence crosstalk, improving the ratio of signal to background. Whilst generating excellent data quality, it has significantly faster Fluorescent Polarization & Homogeneous Time resolved Fluorescence detection.
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NanoDrop - what else?

The new NanoDrop One provides the precision and repeatability we are used to and much more. The dynamic range has been extended for even higher concentrations. The software automatically detects contaminants in your sample and provides you with a corrected concentration; integrated in this stand-alone device, it also informs you when your sample column is not perfectly formed. Read more
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For this ELISA reader, you don’t need a discount

EZ Read, the name says it: simplicity and robustness, both in hardware and in software.
A dedicated absorption platform for your ELISAs that can be augmented to a more polyvalent instrument for your other protein or cell assays. The EZ Read provides you with a fast and accurate read-out and its user-friendly Galapagos software makes it your best friend even for intensive use.