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Know your Gloves / Extraction how it should be / Microarrays for gene expression

Gloves, what you need to know

In your daily lab routine, gloves are used for the protection of your samples and yourself. They have become such a common product in the laboratory, one might forget what important job they have.

It might sound like a standard consumable, but there are some clear differences in types of gloves, and their purpose in the lab.

Any glove used is a temporary safety solution. Do your gloves meet the specified requirements?
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Extraction it is supposed to be

...gentle, quick and without inhibitors

Magnetic beads are known for their easy way of extracting your precious DNA, RNA or Protein. Due to the gentle way of extracting -without centrifugal force-, intact fragments will be isolated. By transferring particles instead of liquids, inhibitors don’t stand a chance using this extraction method.

Below you will find a selection of kits selected specifically designed to work with our QuickPick tools:

Do you still use microarrays for gene expression profiling?

Discover a new horizon in gene expression analysis!

The QuantSeq 3’ mRNA-Seq Library Prep is a library preparation protocol that has been specifically developed for gene expression analysis. It is the best alternative to microarrays and standard RNA-Seq in this application. The kit uses total RNA as input, hence no prior poly(A) enrichment or rRNA depletion is needed.

  • Genome-wide analysis of gene expression
  • Compatible with Illumina and Ion Torrent platforms
  • Exceptional reproducibility and sensitivity for the low abundant transcripts detection
  • Ready-to sequence-NGS libraries within only 4.5 hours, including less than 2 hours hands-on time
  • A free data analysis solution available
  • Sequencing up to 96 samples in one lane
  • As low as 100 pg of total RNA input Strand-specificity of >99.9%
  • Suitable for low-quality RNA and FFPE samples

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