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iCIEF Newsletter June

With more than 10 years in the iCIEF market, Isogen Life Science has the expertise and the products to help optimize your applications. From difficult samples to extreme pI values, we are prepared to help you find the best solution. This newsletter highlights the consumables that help you achieve higher resolution, higher sensitivity and reduced runtime.

AESlytes: higher resolution, lower background

The AESlytes carrier ampholytes combine a low background noise at 280 nm with a stronger defined pI range from 2.5 to 10.5. Also available in high resolution to get the best out of your electropherogram.
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Ask your custom pI-range and our special prices: support@isogen-lifescience.com

Cartridges compatible with your iCIEF instruments?

Beside standard cartridges, we also offer uniquely designed high-sensitivity cartridges. Are you willing to try them on your iCIEF system and experience the 2x higher sensitivity and easier handling?
Are you also interested in our special cartridge coatings that remove the need for methylcellulose, and reduce your focusing time? We'll be happy to advise you and help you get even better results out of your iCIEF.
Read more or contact our sales support team for our conditions: support@isogen-lifescience.com

Complete iCIEF solution provider

We provide carrier ampholytes (in standard and high resolution), cartridges, electrolytes, standards and we supply the widest range of pI markers for your iCIEF solutions. You can order your usual pI markers or request our extended list to find the pI markers matching best your applications.
We are ready for your requests at support@isogen-lifescience.com

Isogen Life Science analyses your samples for you

If you want to evaluate our solution, send us your sample and see how we can improve your resolution, sensitivity and run time or ask for our special prices to test it yourself. You are also always welcome to join us to appreciate the many more improvements that make iCIEF more user-friendly! Schedule your sample analysis or visit with our team: support@isogen-lifescience.com