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Cell culture special (Benelux)

Why look at cells with a microscope when you could be using a BMG Labtech plate reader?

Cell-based assays are essential alternatives to numerous applications where in vivo testing would not be feasible.

However, a highly sophisticated plate reader is necessary.

When measuring luminescence or fluorescence of cells, the free air optical path of the industry-leading PHERAstar FSX and CLARIOstar readers allows you to make reliable measurements in real time. Intuitive data analysis software means you can spend more time in the lab, and less time in front of your PC.

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Counting your cells manually? Keep on reading!

Reliable cell counting with 5 counts on one slide

Countstar Counting cells can have a large influence on your downstream applications. Manual counting is subject to interpretation errors and low standardisation among assessors, lowering your reproducibility. If you need fast, easy and consistent results, the Countstar cell counters are the instruments you are looking for!

Wide range compatibility: Countstar is applicable to cells with diameter between 2-180µm, like blood cells, mammalian cells, insect cells, algae and some planktons.

The Countstar Automatic Cell Counter uses microscopy with a unique fixed focus. Can complete accurate and reproducible cell counting in less than 20 seconds with just 10 µl of sample and provides you with:

  • Cell concentration
  • Viability
  • Diameter
  • Circularity
  • Aggregation rate
  • Picture of your cells,
    as well as automatically generating the cell growth curve and statistical charts.

< 5% CV inter-/intra-machine reproducibility

Easy and convenient: Get a reliable image within 20 seconds

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Your cells deserve the best

To grow your cells you want to provide the best possible environment, this starts with the well plate you allow them to grow in.

Consistent surfaces with certified testing. Optically clear, premium grade polystyrene. An ISO 5 (Class 100) production environment with rigorous quality control.

When taking care of your cells, your cells and you need the best; CytoOne® Multiple Well Plates with features like grippers on dishes and plates for secure handling, easy opening and resealable packaging on flasks, complete chimney wells on plates with total 360° separation for cross contamination prevention, will help you with a good performance.

Download the Cell Culture Performance Ware brochure