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Automated cfDNA isolation / Bisulfite Conversion Kit / NDOne, what else?

Automated cfDNA isolation from 4 ml? Keep on reading!

Cell-free DNA (cf-DNA) liquid biopsy is a new technology for detection and analysis of biomarkers in blood.
Through necroptosis, apoptosis and secretion, cf-DNA from tumours enters the bloodstream. This cfDNA appears in low concentration and is highly fragmented, making it difficult to extract sufficient amounts. To obtain sufficient amounts, a high sample input is needed. Our new InviMag® Free Circulating DNA extraction kit enables efficient and fully automated purification of cfDNA fragments from 4 ml plasma or serum!!

Liquid_Biopsy..pdf Liquid_Biopsy..pdf

Bisulfite Conversion for methylation analysis

For precious and limited samples, the determination of methylation patterns is especially challenging for successful biomarker identification.The InviGene®® Bisulfite Conversion Kit features rapid and reliable bisulfite treatment and conversion of DNA and cfDNA for methylation analysis with a conversion rate of > 99,99 %.

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NanoDrop One - what else?

The NanoDrop One provides the precision and repeatability you are used to and much more.

  • The dynamic range has been extended for even higher concentrations.
  • The software automatically detects contaminants in your sample and provides you with a corrected concentration.
  • Integrated in this stand-alone device, it also informs you when your sample column is not perfectly formed.
  • ....we could go on...

Special offer: 15% discount for the ND One, valid until 5 August 2017

Extra-special offer: trade in your ND-1000 for a ND One, and get  an extra discount of € 1250! valid until 31 December 2017.

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