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Basic Microvolume UV-Vis Spectrophotometer for simple sample analysis delivered in compact footprint

The NanoDrop Lite uses the same sample retention system that has become a hallmark of NanoDrop instruments. While it is designed with fewer features than the NanoDrop 2000 and NanoDrop 8000 series, the NanoDrop Lite delivers where it counts: rapid, accurate and reproducible microvolume measurements without the need for dilutions.

  • Measures nucleic acid concentration at 260 nm and purity using the 260/280 ratio
  • Measures purified protein concentration at 280 nm
  • Employs the unique NanoDrop microvolume sampling technoloy
  • Delivers the accuracy and reproducibility expected from NanoDrop instruments
  • Uses built-in controls and software - no computers required
  • Offers an optional printer for cryogenic labels

With its compact design, built-in controls and software, the NanoDrop Lite is small enough to fit on any benchtop, but powerful enough to provide routine measurements for life science workflows.

To try a NanoDrop Lite in your lab, ask about our Free Trial Program today!


Wavelength range: 260 & 280 nm
Wavelength selection: n/a
Light source: LED (UV, blue and white)
Bandwidth: <8nm