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NanoDrop ND-3300

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The NanoDrop® ND-3300 Fluorospectrometer is a multi-source optical instrument for measuring fluorescence. This space-saving fluorometer offers exclusive features that allow investigators the flexibility to use fluorometry in valuable new ways.

The uniquely clean optics of the patented retention system, combined with virtual filtering (see below) for the white LED applications, enables measurements across a wide range of wavelengths using sample volumes of 1-2 ul without cuvettes and costly filter changes.

The excitation source comes from one of the three solid-state LEDs housed in a block adjacent to the measurement pedestal (see below for more details about the LEDs). Emitted light is collected using the traditional 90° angle from the respective excitation source. A 2048-element CCD array detector, covering 400-750nm, is connected by an optical fiber to the optical measurement surface. The spectrometer is configured with a cut filter to eliminate light transmission below 395 nm.

An added convenience is that no external power supply is required. All of the operating power is supplied by the USB port on the PC.

  • Sample size as small as 1 µl
  • Mass detection limit more than one order of magnitude lower than conventional fluorometers
  • UV, Blue and White LED excitation, covering a broad wavelength range
  • No filter changes, no monochromator
  • Ability to analyze multiple emission profiles from a single sample
  • Simplicity of use – just pipette and wipe
  • User-friendly software
  • Ability to run diverse applications – multiple fluorophores, Molecular Beacon Probes, FRET and more
  • A cost-effective, unique alternative to high-end fluorometers or complicated lab-built systems with microscopes and CCD cameras


Light source: 3 light emitting diodes (LEDs)
Bandwidth: n/a
Wavelength range: 400-750nm
Beam: n/a
Wavelength selection: n/a
Exitation maxima: UV: 365 nm
Blue: 470 nm
White 460-650 nm