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Identify Osteoarticular Infection-Causing Bacteria Directly from Clinical Sample!

Mobidiag’s new Prove-it® Bone&Joint assay is CE-IVD marked! The assay provides highly multiplexed and accurate DNA-based identification of directly from a clinical sample – synovial fluid, bone biopsy or tissue sample. All pathogens are covered in a single assay.

  • Assay principle: pathogen DNA amplification in broad-range bacterial PCR followed by identification on a microarray with unique DNA capture probes. Read more about Prove-it technology here.
  • Starting material: extracted microbial DNA.
  • CE-IVD marked sample types: bone biopsy, tissue or synovial fluid.
  • Assay coverage: 60 bacteria and mecA, vanA and vanB markers for methicillin and vancomycin resistance. View all species included in the pathogen panel here.
  • The assay was evaluated in a multicenter clinical trial with over 200 patients, yielding sensitivity and specificity of 91% and 90%, respectively, when compared to routine culturing and 16S rDNA PCR methods.
  • Assay platform: Prove-it StripArray.
  • Assay time: 3,5 hours from extracted DNA.
  • Result interpretation: Automated detection, analysis and result reporting on software guided Prove-it StripArray System. Objective results guaranteed with very sophisticated and easy-to-use Prove-it Advisor software.