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The Libra S4 visible spectrophotometer is the ideal instrument for education and QC laboratories.

The instrument is compact, lightweight and ergonomically designed for the simpler applications. There is a large display for ease of reading plus a very simple user interface for rapid set up and analysis. For educational purposes, the user manual includes simple experiments for the determination of ε max, extinction coefficient and natural bandwidth plus the construction of a standard curve and the measurement of stray light. The Libra S4 measures Absorbance, % Transmission and concentration as well as being able to output absorbance–time plots directly to chart recorder. The instrument is delivered with Grafico PC utility software package and a serial lead, providing the student with the means to capture, print and interpret a wavelength scan from the instrument on a PC; the data for the scan or other results may be easily exported from Grafico to Excel. Note that Grafico also includes an educational tutorial on UV/Visible spectrophotometry. The Libra S4 accepts standard 10mm pathlength glass or disposable cuvettes. A test tube adapter set is available for 10, 12 and 16mm. In the event of a spill, the cell holder may be removed for cleaning. The instrument is delivered with a starter pack of disposable cuvettes.


Light source: Tungsten
Wavelength range: 330-800nm
Beam: single
Bandwidth: 7nm
Detector: diode array
Absorbance range: -0.3 - 2.5
Wavelength selection: diode array