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Designed for the Student and Field User

The Libra S2 is a small, robust, easy to use instrument that has been designed with both the student and field user in mind.

It is ideal for teaching the principles of science and analysis in schools and secondary education colleges, as well as being rugged enough for measurements in, for example, remote location health clinics where simple diagnostic tests need to be made. The instrument surface is designed for ease of cleaning and decontamination. Rechargeable batteries are included in the Libra S2B and they will operate for almost a month on a single charge to provide complete portability.

The instrument measures in Absorbance and % Transmission mode as well as in simple kinetics, enabling changes in Absorbance over time and reaction rates to be determined (readings are taken approx. every second). It may be used to cover the 400 – 700 nm wavelength range as it has an integral, colour coded rotating wheel containing filters at 440, 470, 490, 520, 550, 580, 590 and 680 nm. These are made from coloured gelatin and are encased in glass, so that the instrument can be used in “tropical” conditions.

A filter is selected by moving the wheel until the required wavelength is displayed in the window above the cell compartment. The instrument may be linked via a serial lead to either a serial printer for hardcopy output or to a PC for download of results to spreadsheet. It has an analogue output, and may also be connected to a chart recorder using a standard 2 x 4 mm socket to output absorbance-time data when in kinetics mode.

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  • Designed with student, QC and field users in mind
  • Rugged, Portable and easy to use
  • Extremely versatile
  • Rechargeable battery version available

Lamp source


Optical system


Wavelength range

440, 470, 490, 520, 550, 580, 590, 680 nm

Absorbance range



40 nm

Stray Light at 340 nm

<1%T at filter wavelength


Wavelength range: 440-680nm
Beam: single
Wavelength selection: filter
Light source: Tungsten
Bandwidth: 40nm