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Unique, patented image-positioning tool

Every user of a digital imaging system will have experienced that an image on the screen is never initially in the correct position. With traditional imaging systems, the user has to open the drawer or door and manually position the gel for the best visualization. ProXima is the only imaging system with patented optics for image positioning without loss of optical resolution. Simply place your sample anywhere on the transilluminator and close the door. The image can then be easily positioned using the positioning keys, without having to open the cabinet. Image positioning is simple, fast and accurate and keeps sample handling of fragile gels to a minimum.

  • Prevents sample contamination
  • Allows optimal imaging of the sides of the gel
  • Prevents damage to fragile gels
  • Improves user safety – minimizes unnecessary contact with toxic substances

The Image positioning allows to work without contamination of ethidium Bromide all over the lab.