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BN Products & Services now also distributes the HaloTag® labelled paramagnetic particle from Promega as part of our Bio-Nobile™ proteomics product range
The HaloTag® technology comprises the HaloTag® polypeptide, a 34.1 kDa mutated hydrolase, which can be fused to a protein of interest using the HaloTag® Vectors, and a system of interchangeable synthetic ligands that covalently bind to the HaloTag® polypeptide. Unique ligands enable customers to perform a variety of applications such as immobilization, labeling and imaging. Construction of HaloTag® fusion proteins is facilitated by a system of vectors designed to express HaloTag® fusion proteins using in vitro protein expression systems or mammalian cells or bacterial cells. The result is a paramagnetic bead with very high binding capacity for HaloTag® fusion proteins and very low nonspecific protein binding. The paramagnetic feature allows streamlined assay development and facilitates applications with automated assays developed on robotic platforms.

  • Composition: HaloLink™ Magnetic Beads consist of beaded agarose with an optimized amount of paramagnetic iron oxide sequestered within the beads. HaloTag® binding ligand is covalently attached to the surface of the paramagnetic beads via a carbamide linkage using an eleven-atom linker.
  • Particle Size: 10–125 microns.
  • Concentration: HaloLink™ Magnetic Beads are supplied as a 20% slurry in 25% ethanol.
  • Binding Capacity: One milliliter of settled beads binds up to 10 mg of HaloTag® fusion protein.


Purifies: HaloTag tagged fusion proteins