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Cytokine Antibody Array


Human Cyt36 Diagram Human Cyt36 Diagram
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Human Cytokine antibody array Human Cytokine antibody array

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Profile the expression of multiple cytokines at the protein level

  • Fast—profile multiple cytokines in one hybridization experiment
  • Easy—all in one system, no additional equipment needed
  • Safe—no radioactivity required
  • Sensitive—detect proteins in the range of pg/ml

Affymetrix offers a variety of arrays for profiling cytokine expression at the protein level—Cytokine Antibody Arrays. These arrays facilitate the simultaneous detection of multiple human or mouse cytokines from a variety of sources, including cell lysates, conditioned media, patient sera, plasma, and urine.

Cytokine Antibody Arrays have several advantages over traditional methods like ELISA. The high sensitivity is a key benefit; for example, these arrays can detect soluble cytokine proteins at concentrations in the pg/ml range. Most importantly, the cytokine antibody arrays enable the simultaneous detection of multiple cytokines in one assay.

Valuable Tool for Studying Cytokines

Cytokines are secreted proteins that play a key role in innate immunity, apoptosis, angiogenesis, cell growth, and differentiation. These proteins have also been implicated in disease processes, including cancer and cardiac diseases. The interaction between cytokines and the cellular immune system is a dynamic process, involving interplay between positive and negative stimuli, as well as positive and negative regulatory loops. Furthermore, multiple cytokines are usually involved in a given process.

Cytokine Antibody Arrays are an ideal tool for profiling cytokine expression at the protein level in comparison to gene expression assays that measure mRNA levels. Arrays detect only secreted cytokines, which represent the levels of active protein.

We currently offer four of these arrays. Click on the name of the array to see which cytokines are detected.

Human Versions Version Serum / Conditioned Media / Plasma Cell Tissue/Lysate Cytokines detected
Human Cytokine Antibody Array 1.0 YES YES 18
Human Cytokine Antibody Array EXPANDED 3.0 YES YES 36
Mouse Version Version Serum / Conditioned Media / Plasma Cell Tissue/Lysate Cytokines detected
Mouse Cytokine Antibody Array 1.0 YES YES 18

The Cytokine Antibody Array procedure is simple and straightforward.


Three basic steps are involved:

  1. Incubate the sample with the array membrane to permit cytokine binding to the immobilized antibodies on the arrays.
  2. Detect the captured cytokines with a mixture of biotin-labeled anti-cytokine antibodies, creating an antibody "sandwich" around the bound cytokines.
  3. Visualize active cytokines using streptavidin-HRP. Detection of the arrays are performed using chemiluminescence detection with X-ray film or imaging systems. All reagents for HRP-based chemiluminescent detection are included.

Easy-to-use kit format

Cytokine Antibody Arrays include 2 or more array membranes; biotinylated anti-cytokine antibodies, blocking, hybridization, and wash solutions; and HRP detection reagents.