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Cancer cell isolation kits

  • Purify cancer cells from fresh biopsy samples
  • Establish primary cell lines or use for biochemical assays
  • Ideal for proteomic applications

Our Cancer Cell Isolation Kit provides a simple, cost-effective method for isolating cancer cells from biopsy samples. Cancer cells purified using this technique can be used immediately for a wide range of applications, including biomarker identification, microarray and proteomic analysis. The isolated cells are fully viable and can be used to establish primary cell lines.

Purify any population of cancer cells

The ability to obtain uncontaminated cancer cell samples is one of the major bottlenecks in the study of tumor development and cancer biology. Tumor biopsies from cancer patients and animal tumor models often contain a heterogeneous population of cells that include normal tissue, blood, and cancer cells. This mixed population makes diagnosis and valid experimental conclusions difficult to obtain and interpret.

Typically, cancer cells are isolated from biopsy samples via microdissection, a time-consuming technique that requires costly equipment and surgical precision. Unlike these techniques, our Cancer Cell Isolation Kit requires no specialized skill set and no expensive equipment, and can be used to isolate any cancer cell type.


Simple, cost-effective technique

Our cancer cell isolation method only takes a couple of hours, and involves just a few rounds of incubation, washing, and centrifugation. Using the same amount of starting biopsy material required for conventional methods, this technique can be used to isolate a much greater quantity of cancer cells.