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Fluorescent Western blotting

Western Blotting Application Notes
Product nameUsed for
WesternBright MCFComplete kit for multicolor fluorescent Western blots
Fluorescent secondary antibodiesSecondary antibodies conjugated to fluorescent dyes
Fluorescent streptavidin conjugatesFluorescent streptavidin conjugates, to detect biotinylated proteins
Background quenching sheetsBackground-absorbing sheets for better imaging of fluorescent gels and blots
Transfer membranesNitrocellulose and low-fluorescence PVDF membranes for Western blotting applications
Incubation traysLidded trays for staining and washing gels and blots
AdvanBlock-PF blocking solutionNon-protein blocking solution for fluorescent and chemiluminescent Western blotting
AdvanWash washing solutionWashing solution for all Western blot kits and substrates
Fluorescent Western standardization blotThree-color pre-stained fluorescent blot for optimizing instrument imaging conditions
WesternBright ECL HRP substrateThe best choice for routine, film-imaged Western blots
WesternBright ECL SpraySimple and convenient
WesternBright Quantum HRP substrate