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Lumitester C-110


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This luminometer is highly sensitive, fully portable, very robust, and allows users to take full advantage of BioThema's cutting-edge products. The instrument can also be used for any other type of chemiluminesent analysis process.

A small, lightweight and portable instrument with a built-in battery, most suitable for both routine and spot testing.
Apart from the amount of luminescence (LU), the amount of ATP (pg) and concentration (M) can be displayed, providing objective, quantitative results.
In the "plan mode", it is possible to establish check points and acceptance cirteria in advance. This is usefule in routine testing or training

The Lumitester C-110 also has the possibility to change the measuring time, to do several measurements on the same sample and to collect data from 1000 measurements.


Detection modes: Photomultiplier
Detection range: 4 x 10-12 to 1 x 10-6M ATP
Dark noise: < 10RLU
Measurement time: 10s
Use: Luminescence detection