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Cellular ATP kit HTS

Productnr.: 155-050

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Cellular ATP Kit HTS: kit, 1200 tests
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The Cellular ATP Kit HTS is intended for use with mammalian cell samples. It is an easy-to-use kit where the lysing buffer, an ATPase inhibitor, and the ATP Reagent are combined in one reagent. The light emission is extremly stable, providing that all ATPases in the sample have been completly inhibited. That makes the 155-050 Cellular ATP Kit HTS suitable for high throughput screening.

Measurement of ATP in cell cultures with just one reagent addition

  • Fast Assay: Results within minutes
  • Sensitive: 10-15 mol ATP (single cells detected)
  • User-friendly: Mix and measure
  • Reliable: Stable, Ready-to-use ATP Standard
  • Cost-efficient: No Standard curve required


Use: Enzymes and metabolites
Use: Cell proliferation/Cytotoxicity
Special: Low or moderate cell densities or luminometers with reagent dispensers