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Cell viability kit SL

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Cell Viability Kit SL: kit, 1600 tests
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Cell Viability Kit SL Cell Viability Kit SL

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The Cell Viability Kit SL is intended for use with mammalian cell samples with high cell density or with cell samples with higher density of ATPases, e.g. nerve cells. The kit contains a stronger ATPase inhibitor than 155-050 Cellular ATP Kit HTS and produces  stable light.

A mammalian cell contains approx. 1 femtomole ATP. 188-441 Cell Viablity Kit SL is useful for quantification of ATP in the range 10-11– 10-7 mole/L.

Measurement of ATP in mammalian cells using luminometers with or without dispensers.


Use: Cell proliferation/Cytotoxicity
Special: High cell densities or high ATPase levels and luminometers without reagent dispensers